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Love, Her & I: 10 untranslatable romantic words around the world.

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Okay naman na tayo e, diba? Ata.

Sabi mo pa nga, you’ll be there when I need you.

Pero bakit?

You bluntly told me that you have a new one, and I actually don’t know what to feel; mixed emotions, I guess.

But then again, you told me to stop.

I did, didn’t I?

I should be over you, but why the fuck am I feeling this way?

Tama na pls.

Akala ko ba, "take it all away" na?


Anonymous said: Someone who's still wishing that we could let our small infinity grow, or let's go back to our infinity and start rearranging things. I mean, I liked you. I like you. I. Still. Like. You.

How are we suppose to arrange things if you won’t even tell me who you are…………..

Anonymous said: "Liked", past tense, indeed. Love came from a seed named "like". Wait. There's also like there, don't dwell with the liked. I mean, yea.

You’re confusing me…………..

abygaylb said: what if your waiting for someone hindi mo alam kung magiging okay pa relasyon niyo or ending na ?

Been there, done that.

Risk. Big word. But of course, you have to talk to that someone to make things clear.

Anonymous said: If a robot can type or if a robot has a feeling, then I'm not real. Me, talking about what I am feeling, then I'm real. :)

But, who are you????????????????????

Anonymous said: pabor ka ba sa pagmamahalang beben at walph? Why?

Daming issue. HAHA.

Kung san sila masaya, suportahan ko sila siyempre :p =))))))))))))))

koreyanaa said: ate ang boring na ng tumblr di katulad noon na active pa kayo, iba na kasi ngayon.

Ikr. Hahaha.

Anonymous said: Whatever happens, the blame is not to be thrown to you. It’s actually me. I. Dumped. Everything. Now. I. Don’t. Have. Atleast. A. Single. Chance. But that’s alright. Alright. Being a witness on how you would have your what-a-lovely-day-waking-up-with-bae story, then I will be more than happy. Happy. Cheers, Maica.

Wait, what are you talking about. I don’t even know, I don’t even have the slightest idea who you are.

Tell me.